I have in my mind that mopping happens after everything else is done. Like everything. The house is all tidy, all the benches are wiped and cleaned off, toilets are clean, showers are clean… then I can sweep/vacuum the floor and finally mop. Yep, that is my ideal situation and that’s what I use to do BC – before children.

How often as a SAHM with a 2 year old do you think I mop my floor? You may be thinking – well every couple of days, she has a 2 year old better keep that place clean! Plus she is a sahm, she has all the time in the world, damn she is at home and up from 5am with her son, so heaappps of time to clean up and mop the floor….


Stay at home mom depression
SAHM depression is a real thing

Safe to say I mop my floor…. Maybe once a fortnight! This is 100% a result of this stupid “should” mindset that everything “should be cleaned before mopping can occur. It is really really hard for me to let this go. That my house never looks clean, that I cannot control how messy my house is all day. I have a 2 yr old and when I am home during the week he is there too making a “magical” mess. My days pretty much float around compromising the cleanliness of one area of the house at the expense of cleaning another, because guaranteed cleaning the ensuite toilet will result in toilet paper from the main toilet being thrown around like on Halloween when I have refused to give a treat. Cue Mummy guilt… I want clean my house but I also want to play with my son. I want to delight in him, but there is this constant mindset struggle that stops me from enjoying either.


So today I had a bit of a brain wave… what if I mopped my floors despite the fact that the benches were still messy, the toilets weren’t cleaned.. shower wasn’t cleaned… so really the only thing that would be clean at the end would be the floors!
What’s the worst that is going to happen if I do things this way? Will I feel like a failure because everything won’t be clean? Will I resent mopping the floor because I really want to finish cleaning everything else?
Only one way to find out…


So I did it! I swept, shit I even moved the couch to sweep under there too (insert surprise face). Then I got my Koh mop, and put in some doTERRA Lemon Myrtle essential oil. This isn’t my typical oil of choice for floors, I usually like Tea Tree or some other anti bacterial (because seriously I don’t mop that often, it needs to be anti bacterial hahahaa), but today Lemon Myrtle spoke to me (imagine beaming light shining over my essential oil box and Lemon Myrtle floating up into my hand).
Damn it smells good. So I mopped. Yep I mopped my heart out.

not sure if actually cleaning floor or just redistributing dirt more evenly meme futurama


I thought it was going to all come undone when the small human let the dog in and ran over my clean floor… But, I did not stop. I just kept mopping. I was determined to get this finished. I was determined to have my floor clean. And BAM!!! My floors are clean. Thanks Lemon Myrtle, you gave me a kick in the pants to just do it and to finish it!!! Perhaps I cared less about the dog running over the clean floor because the rest of the house wasn’t sparkling anyway. But for those 20 seconds, my floors were clean.


Mothers everywhere I know you hear me… I finished something in one go! Praise whatever higher power or thing …Marie Kondo for all I care.. praise the wine fairy if you want. It’s done… so the one thing I “achieved” today was mopping my floor. I find that these small mental health challenges are just that, challenges. If I let these “little” challenges build up and there are plenty of them, they eventually erupt into a full on anxiety attack and fear of “not enoughness”.

So challenge those thoughts, those obstacles, what is holding you back and what can you challenge to find a way through. These simple steps that I used I apply to many aspects of my life, I don’t get it right all of the time, but damn it makes life easier to not have lots of little challenges building up.

Happy mopping

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