18mm Black Atomiser


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18mm Black Atomiser/Fine Mist Spray suitable for bottles with 18mm neck (30ml, 100ml bottles)

  • Perfect for DIY room sprays, pure-fumes, toners, oil moisturiser sprays
  • Fits doTERRA essential oil bottles (check out the How to Use tab for ideas)
  • Fits the 100ml amber glass bottles
  • Standard dip tube length (110mm) trim as required
  • Dosage 0.15mcl

Perfect for your DIY essential oil recipes, feel free to browse our free Members Section for recipe ideas.

Get every single drop out of your essential oil bottles by popping the orifice reducer off and putting them in a container with some Magnesium Salt or Epsom Salt. Leave them at least over night for the salts to soak up the last drops.

Remove and rinse. Remove the label and to remove the remaining essential oil boil in a pot for approximately 5 minutes.  Remove any sticky label reside by rubbing with a little lemon essential oil.

Trim the dip straw length on the atomiser

Lastly fill with your favourite blend or have a look at our free Members Section for some blend ideas.

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