The Best Cleaning Tip

I recently joined the Facebook group “Mum’s that Clean”. It took me a while to get past the fact that people out there use a lot of very toxic chemicals to clean their homes. But I just have to keep reminding myself that people make the choices that they see best for their families and that’s ok. I stayed in the group for the great cleaning tips that save me time and money.

I would love to be one of those people that whenever anybody pops into my house unannounced it is spotless. That is looks amazing, bathrooms cleaned, benches cleared, everything in it’s place. But I’m not and probably never will be, largely because I have toddler that has a very different perspective on cleaning and to be honest I would rather play with him then clean. It was definitely an eye opener to me on the Mum’s that Clean page, just how much some people clean. No judgement here, really I judged myself not the super cleaning Mumma. I can honestly say that I will probably never be the Mum that mops her floor every second day. It just doesn’t happen.

There are loads of good tips on this page, like putting on a slightly damp or dry sock and doing a big right hand turn all the way around your house to clean the skirting boards. Not a bad idea, not keen on wet socks though, so might try something else.

However, last week I saw on the page this amazing idea, and I really feel it is in the “life changing” category for me. Probably some of you already know about it and will be thinking “Umm yep, well how else do you clean your walls, by hand??” This tip would have saved me hours and hours in rental vacate cleans in my 20s.

Mop your walls! Yep, mop them. I had never ever heard of doing this. I always used a bucket and a cloth that seemed to take forever! So on the weekend, I got out my spray mop (if you haven’t made the switch to a spray mop, it is definitely worth it, especially on wooden floors), got a new microfibre mop pad and got to mopping my walls. I cannot believe the difference and just how easy it was. Yes there is still a few stubborn stains on there that will need another type of cleaning, but the general yuck of finger prints and dirt is gone. Amazing!

So get out your favourite cleaning product (for my walls and floors I like Koh with some OnGuard Essential Oil) pop it in your spray mop and get mopping your walls. You will never go back and will probably clean your walls more often now. I certainly know I will be.

Stay safe

Angela xx