Toilet Cleaner

Let’s be honest, nobody loves cleaning the toilet. It’s possibly one of the worst jobs in the house. I had no idea that introducing another small male human into my house, my son, would result in the toilet needing to be cleaned more often. Awesome!

I was using the Earth toilet cleaner and it did a good job, but I don’t like the extra plastic it was bringing into my house. I found this recipe by Inspired Little Pot

Works really well! I’m not saying it means you will enjoy the toilet cleaning experience, but at least you have taken one plastic item out of your house.

I have just changed the method of how I use it as I was finding all of the ingredients were just going down into the water and not doing any work on the rest of the bowl. Here is my version with the method with links to where to buy the ingredients.

Toilet Cleaner

Combine ingredients in a bowl, store in an air tight container. It may go a little hard so you may need to use a spoon to get it out each time. I prefer this anyway as I like to sprinkle it around the bowl.

How to use:
Flush the toilet, sprinkle some cleaner around the bowl. Scrub, flush. If you need, return 30mins later, re scrub then flush again.